Glossary of Terms

In-network — A designated list of health care providers (doctors, dentists, etc.) with whom Cigna has negotiated special rates. Using in-network providers lowers the cost of services for you and the Company.
Out-of-network — Health care providers that are not in Cigna’s network and who have not negotiated discounted rates. The cost of services provided by out-of-network providers is much higher for you and the Company. Additional deductibles and higher coinsurance will apply.
Reasonable & Customary Charges (R&C) — Prevailing market rates for services provided by health care professionals within a certain area for certain procedures. Reasonable and Customary rates apply to out-of-network charges.
Deductible — Amount of money you must pay before the Company shares in the expense of services provided.
Coinsurance — The share of cost between you and the plan. For example, 80% coinsurance means the plan covers 80% of the cost of service after a deductible is met and you will be responsible for the remaining 20% of the cost.
Out-of-pocket maximum — The most you will pay of your own money before services are 100% covered by the medical plan. Your annual deductible is included in your out-of-pocket maximum.
Copay — The amount you pay each time you fill a prescription.
Pretax — The contributions you make for medical, dental, vision, FSA health care spending and FSA dependent care spending are not subject to Social Security tax, federal income tax or, in most cases, state and local income taxes.