UHC Rewards

Take control of your health and be rewarded

UnitedHealthcare Rewards is an incentive program that’s included in your health plan. It rewards you with dollars for reaching program goals and completing one-time activities. You will get to choose your activities as well as how to spend the earnings. Some of the activities include tracking 14 days of sleep, completing a health survey, and getting your flu shot.

ActionWellness Rebate
Connect a tracker in the UnitedHealthcare app$25
Track 15+ active minutes or 5K+ steps per day$0.25 (This activity may be repeated)
Complete a biometric screening$50
Track sleep for at least 14 days$5
Complete health survey$15
Complete all of the stepsThe activities listed above are some examples of ways to earn rewards. Choose any combination of activities and earn up to $300.
See the UHC Rewards Overview for more information about the UHC Wellness Program.

Complete the Steps

Confirm Distribution and Earnings from Rally

Access to SimplyEngaged is ending on the last day of the plan year. Please take the following steps:

  1. Confirm your distribution
    Visit rallyhealth.com to claim earnings and, if needed, select how rewards should be received. Deposits will be sent on the normal distribution schedule.
    Employees can log in at werally.com and then to to Rewards > Redeem Rewards to link their bank information.
  2. Redeem earnings
    All earnings and coins need to be redeemed by the last day of the plan year.
  3. Join UHC rewards
    Download the UnitedHealthcare® app, available on iOS and AOS app stores, and activate UHC Rewards.

How to Get Started

UnitedHealthcare app
  1. Download the UnitedHealthcare app
  2. Sign in or register
  3. Select the Menu tab and choose UHC Rewards
  4. Activate rewards
  5. Choose reward activities and start earning
  6. Connect a tracker and get access to even more reward activities
  1. Visit myuhc.com
  2. Sign in or register
  3. Select UHC Rewards on the homepage
  4. Activate rewards
  5. Choose reward activities and start earning

Get a biometric screening and earn with UHC Rewards

  • Sign in on UnitedHealthcare® app
  • Go to the Menu tab and select UHC Rewards
  • Scroll to Available activities and select See all
  • Select Biometric screening and then Get started
  • You’ll arrive at the diagnostic vendor’s site, where you can follow the prompts to finish your registration and choose how you want to complete your screening. You’ll be able to choose one of the following screening methods: Lab, At-home screening, or Physician results form.

Call (800) 478-1057 to begin working with a health coach on your personal health improvement plan.

Buy a Tracker

Members can purchase a variety of devices from the UHC Rewards marketplace using reward dollars, credit card or both. 

  1. Open UHC Rewards in the UnitedHealthcare app and select Redeem Rewards and then Buy a Tracker
  2. Browse the options, review features and check out
  3. Pay with rewards or credit card – or both

Earn It Off

Members can get an Apple Watch today and pay it off with the rewards they earn over 12 months.

  1. Get an Apple Watch: Members can choose an Apple Watch and pay a lower – or $0 – upfront cost today
  2. Earn rewards: Every dollar members earn with UHC rewards, including any already in their account, is put toward their Earn It Off total
  3. Pay off the balance: Members pay off the cost of their Appl Watch over 12 months

Claim Your Wellness Rewards

UHC Rewards allows employees to choose from 3 options for redeeming their rewards:

  • A digital Visa Gift card
  • HSA* deposit
  • Buy a Tracker

Steps to Redeem:

  1. Go to UHC Rewards homepage
  2. Select Redeem rewards and the top of the page
  3. Choose how to redeem their rewards

If you need help with program activation or have any other questions, please call the designated UHC Rewards Customer Service line at 1-866-230-2505.